10 Reasons You Should Never Fall For the Forbidden Fruit

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Very often, we fall in love with people who are like a forbidden fruit for us. We know that we can’t or shouldn’t be with them, but still go ahead with the mistake. Here are a few reasons of why you should never fall for the forbidden fruit.

1. You will never desire the right person

Some people have the tendency to fall for only those things that are not easily available to them. If this becomes a pattern, then it would be highly problematic for you to deal with your life. After a point, no matter what, intentionally or unintentionally you will fall for people who are a forbidden fruit for you, amounting to no substantial relationships in life.

2. You may get into a challenging one-sided relationship

Most forbidden relationships end up being one-sided painful relationships. You invest so much of your time and energy in order to achieve someone, who is eventually either not interested in you or belongs to somebody else. In due course, you end up being involved in it with no response from the other side, and that could cause a lot of mental frustration and pressure to you.

3. You are getting into something bad

There is a reason why anything or anyone is forbidden. The reasons can range from the person being involved with someone else to him being emotionally unavailable. Or it could be a person with whom you have no future for various reasons. These reasons are something you should never forget. They will constantly remind you that what you are getting into is not good for you.

4. You may end up destroying a part of you

In the course of all the fun and excitement that a relationship with a forbidden fruit brings along with it, there is an amount of destruction too that one might face. You may not realize it, and at a subconscious level, you might end up changing things about you. You might give up on your principles, and while it may seem doable in the beginning, it can hurt you a lot in the long run.

5. Your ego will be hurt once things fall apart

Generally, when you fall for a forbidden fruit, you do it against everyone’s will. There are people who will stop you because they care for you and mean well, but you fight them, act stubborn and still go ahead with the relationship. However, when things don’t work out, you will find yourself falling back on these people. And that can hurt your ego in an irreparable way. You should realize that sometimes when you are in love (or you think you are in love), you tend to overlook a lot of practical things, which only your friends can point out for you. It doesn’t hurt to listen to them for a change.

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