Refer To These 5 Books To Get A Strong Grip Of The Fundamentals Of Finance

Are you a finance student looking for some great books on finance, accounting or investment? Are you a single working woman who wants to sort out her personal finances and seek means of getting wealthy? Whatever your requirement, these top 5 books will give you a beginner’s level understanding of complex topics within the area of finance. Do you want to invest right, know the rules and understand finance strategies to multiply your money? If yes, read on.

1. Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga

Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga

Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga

If you’re interested in picking up a book which will give you a clear understanding of the basics of finance along with valuable tips on using Microsoft Excel for financial management, this is the book you want. It’ll cover a range of topics including bank valuation, Monte Carlo pricing methods, array functions and the Black-Litterman portfolio selection model. We love this book for its clear, illustrated instructions for using Excel. It’s so much easier when you are given screenshots to understand intricate procedures.

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