6 Awesome Ways to Increase Emotional Intimacy

Awesome Ways to Increase Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy is the key to any successful relationship. It could be a relationship you are with your parents, your children, your spouse, your partner or your friends. Emotional intimacy plays an important role in keeping the bonds stronger and keeping two people in a relationship longer. It is particularly central and imperative in a romantic relationship as physical attraction wanes after a while and you need to have something deeper and satisfying than just sex to get you through every day. With some people, you are emotionally connected without putting any real effort into it and with some you just develop it as you go. You also need to find out new ways to increase it and keep it going if you want to relationship to be interesting and lasting. Here are some very simple yet awesome ways to increase emotional intimacy.

1. Find something to talk about

Conversing is very important in any relationship, and not the usual talk about what you ate or what you did during the day. You need to make your conversations interesting and find a topic that can keep you going for a long time. Emotional intimacy decreases as the conversations dry up. Read a book or a paper together and discuss it. Or watch TV and talk about what’s on it. Never stop talking to each other.

2. Find something to do together

Find something that would interest you both and do it together. It could be hiking, pottery, painting or even going for long walks. Sometimes just spending time together doing things that you both like will make you emotionally closer to one another. You will have something in common all the time and it will leave you with good memories even when the two of you are not together anymore.

3. Be honest

Always be honest about yourself and your intentions when you are in a relationship. Honesty not only makes your life a little less complicated but it also ring the other person much more closer to you. When there is no guile, you tend to bring people closer to you.

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