6 Awesome Facts about Candy Crush, the Super Popular Game

Awesome Facts About Candy Crush, the Super Popular Game

If you have not played Candy Crash Saga or have not heard about it, you may not be actually alive! The popular flash animation based game was developed by King, a UK based game development company, and was released for the first time for Facebook users on 12th April, 2012. This stupendously popular game took everyone by storm in a couple of months of its release across all platforms including Facebook, iTunes and Android. By December 2012, Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded app on Android – a total of 10 million downloads were accounted for at the time! The game itself is pretty simple. It involves swapping candies across a puzzle board and match three identically colored candies together in a horizontal or vertical line so as to eliminate them and clear the board, thereby making way for more candies and new possibilities of matches. By clearing a stipulated number of candies and scoring the points required, one can move ahead through its hundreds of levels of difficulties. Also, there are options to buy extra moves and boosts so as to ease one’s way through in any level and move ahead. Listed here are 6 awesome facts about this super popular game.

1. The developer of Candy Crush Saga, King has been first time lucky with the game. Unlike other developers like Zynga and Glu Mobile who launched a variety and number of games hoping one would click with the audience and would become popular, King had only one game to offer. It later launched Pet Rescue Saga, which too became popular but not as much as Candy Crush Saga.

2. Ranked number one, Candy Crush Saga is the most popular app on Facebook. It has around 50 million likes and is visited by more than 1 billion users in a month.

3. It is also the highest grossing app in all of App store and Google Play Store. The game grosses revenue amounting to more than $650,000 per day. If you add all the time spent by all players ever on Candy Crush, it totals to 120,000 years of playtime.

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