6 Habits that Cause Stress

6 Habits that Cause Stress

Stress is something that most people try to avoid and tell others to avoid as well. Ironically though, almost everyone out there falls prey to this monster called stress which leads to a variety of diseases and disorders such as acne, depression, heart ailments, blood pressure problems, migraines, etc. There are some day to day habits that people have which unknowingly become the triggers of stress and affect their mental as well as physical health negatively in the long run. Here are 6 of those habits to beware of.

1. Worrying

The prime reason behind stress is the habit of worrying. Although everyone knows that worrying will get them nowhere and just increase tension in their heads, they still do worry about the smallest of things. People ought to take each day as it comes and realize that nothing gets solved by over analyzing and panicking. They should be realistic and try to not make the situation in their head seem way bigger than it actually is.

2. Trying to please everyone

Pleasing people actually backfires and ends up pissing off people more than pleasing them. In fact, in the process of trying to make everyone happy, one loses their happiness and feels grumpy, moody, irritated and unsatisfied, all of which collectively make up for stress. Make yourself a priority and first look out for your needs instead of managing everyone else’s lives.

3. Not sleeping enough

Insomnia or deliberately not sleeping enough are triggers of stress. An adult needs a minimum of 7 hours of sleep and if that isn’t fulfilled one feels depressed, moody, anxious, nervous, fatigued and irritated. Even if one is not sleepy, he or she should try to sleep lying down on the bed with their eyes closed, sleep will come automatically after sometime.

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