9 Wonderful Things Indians Have Given to the World

9 Wonderful Things Indians Have Hiven to the World

Almost every nation in the world has contributed in some or the other way to global culture. Things which are followed internationally have been trendsetting hits such as various rituals, foods, dresses, inventions, games, pop culture stuff, etc. form global culture. India boasts of having one of the most ancient civilizations in the world and has contributed in a lot of ways since a long time. Some of the best things that have their roots in India have been listed here.

1. Delectable food

Indian food is unarguably among the top best cuisines present in the world. Known for its spiciness, the cuisine consists of lip smacking dishes like chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, kathi roll, paratha, masala dosa, samosa, etc.

2. Badminton and Chess

The origins of the tough mind game, chess, and the active court game, badminton, are rooted in India.

3. Mathematical concepts

Math would not have existed if not for the heavy contribution by Indian and Greek scholars. Imagine if math hadn’t been invented by these two ancient civilizations, the world would not have had internet today. The concept of zero was invented by Aryabhatta. Shakuntala Devi, Ramanjuan, Bhaskaracharya, Panini, Satyendranath Bose and many other mathematicians landed their theories and ideas which formed the core basis of math as we know it.

4. Bollywood

The Indian film industry is the largest producers of movies in the world but Bollywood, which consists of the most commercial Hindi language movies has created a stir worldwide. The rigorous dance moves are practiced as exercise routines to lose weight. The songs and movies are ardently followed by people around the world, mainly for the dramatic story execution and the wholesome entertainment factor.

5. Yoga

Yoga, popularly known as meditation, has become a celebrity fad what with almost all Hollywood celebrities attributing their toned figures to it. It was invented by ancient mendicants, saints and gurus of India, centuries ago.

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