9 Weird Celebrity Phobias

9 Weird Phobias Some Celebs Have

Did you know there exists something called ‘Papaphobia’ which is the fear of the Pope? And have you heard about ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia’ which is the fear of long words? As weird and juvenile as they may sound, people do suffer from such fears day in and day out. Celebrities are no different and they have some really unusual and unexpected fears of their own. Have a look at some of these weird celebrity phobias.

1. Fear of lifts

Jennifer Love Hewitt has an irrational fear of lifts. She gets goose bumps whenever she comes across one and prefers to spend extra time and energy climbing the stairs or taking the escalator than trap herself in a building lift.

2. Fear of clowns

As kids we were all filled with glee when clowns would emerge at circuses and parties to entertain us. But probably celebs like Daniel Radcliffe, Johnny Depp and rapper P.Diddy were among the minority of kids who would run away screaming in fear at the mere sight of these clowns as they fear them immensely.

3. Fear of flying

Songstress Aretha Franklin is scared of flying and hasn’t taken a flight since more than 30 years now. She goes everywhere by bus, car or ship if traveling overseas but cannot get herself to board a plane.

4. Fear of chewing gum

Oprah, the queen of daytime television, has a great phobia of chewing gum. The story goes that when she was a kid, her grandmother would collect gum and keep it in rows on a cabinet. Oprah was so revolted by this that it caused her to fear gum for the rest of her life. In fact she is so sickened by gum chewing that she has banned it at her television studio and none of the people, be it her employees or the audience can carry or chew gums while attending the show.

5. Fear of others touching

Purple haired singer Kelly Osbourne is haphophobic. She has a fear of touching others and gets almost nauseous if accidentally touched by anyone else. We wonder how she goes about the whole dating ritual then.

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