7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Are you tired of the same old candle light dinner in your same old fancy restaurant? Not to mention the same old menu? Are you looking for some creative ways to make this Valentine’s Day stand apart? If yes, then go through these 7 creative ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day:

1. Go for some classic romance by taking a walk in an amazing park

It will bring you both together. Sit midst the beauty of nature to catch up on each other. Give the whole world a break. Make each other your whole world just for this day.

2. Plan your exclusive funny dance party.

The idea is to have fun and make the other person laugh with your funny and stupid dance moves.

3. Play ‘Guess what’s in my heart’ game.

One person has to think something romantic and drop cues to the partner. The partner has to guess. It’s simply another way to sit together and enjoy.

4. Make it a love letter day

With the increasing attack of modern technology on our lives, we have almost forgotten the magic of love letters. So give sms, mms, email a break. Go for that good old love letter and write letters to each other confessing and declaring your love for each other.

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