7 Tips to Tell People You don’t Like Them

7 Tips to Tell People You don't Like Them

There are many people in this world whom we just don’t seem to get along with. The situation becomes even worse when the other person is not aware of your feelings and continues to act like your buddy. Telling that person that you do not like him or her can be very tough. We give you some of the tips to do it.

1. Do the prep

Before you decide to tell someone that you do not like them, it is important that you think about how you are going to say it. Choose your words carefully and prepare the speech in advance. Do not choose to be spontaneous about it because it could turn a little messy.

2. Choose the right time to do it

When conveying to someone that you do not like them, it is important to choose the right time. Do not do it when the concerned person is already under some other kind of stress or is angry about something. If you realize that the person is already facing a bad time at work or at home, then postpone your discussion till a more appropriate time.

3. Choose the right place to do it

The place where you decide to convey your feelings is just as important as the timing. Avoid places that are too loud because you would not be able to talk easily. Also avoid extremely crowded places because it may make it awkward for the person in question. It would be better if you do it at a place that you are familiar with so that it makes you a little more comfortable.

4. Keep the language firm

While talking to the person, try to use firm language. However, make sure that you do not come across as arrogant or too blunt. It is important to get your message across without the other person feeling bad about himself/herself. Try to be straightforward, without being rude.

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