6 Must Haves at Any Wedding

6 Must Haves at Any Wedding

Planning the biggest day of your life is surely a huge task. In the flurry of making various arrangements, one tends to overlook certain things which are basic necessities. Wedding functions can easily be pulled off if you have caterers, lighting arrangements and the guest list in place. However there are some other essentials too such as those lifters below which you should keep in mind while preparing for your special day.

1. A live band to dance to

Every wedding ought to have a live wedding band for only then will it feel like a special event and not just another joyous occasion. What makes weddings stand out from the other social celebrations are the presence of live bands as opposed to DJs of constant speaker music in the latter. Listen to the performances of a couple of bands and make your music list of what you want the selected band to play at your wedding. You and your guests should have a good time letting your hair down and a live band assures that happens.

2. Decor

Most weddings have a floral decor for a reason. Flowers instantly add the feeling of love, positivity and beauty to the whole set up. Not only should you decorate the place with flowers, you should also keep a vase filled with flowers at the center of tables as this adds to the beauty of the whole event. A reception in a garden or near the beach means you’ll need to prepare for nature’s unpredictable elements, such as wind. Try using tablecloths made of heavier material and secure paper place cards and menus by setting them in frames. If you’re using candles as part of your centerpieces, cover them with glass hurricanes so the breeze won’t extinguish the flame.

3. Apt food

If you are having a formal wedding reception in a hotel, elaborate dinner or lunch works. However for that informal meal in the outdoors right after your wedding, you need to keep appropriate food on offer. When the temperature rises and you’re having a buffet spread, stay away from foods that easily spoil such as dishes that include mayonnaise and are in general, milk based. The same goes for your wedding cake. Buttercream frosting could end up melting by the time the cake cutting begins. Instead, ask your designer to use fondant, which is more durable and gives a smooth finish.

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