6 Ways to Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

6 Ways to Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

Salon pedicures look great for a day or two after you leave the salon. But as time goes by, your feet can look ordinary again. Here are a few ways you can make your pedicure last longer and have your beautiful salon feet until at least a week or two after you get your pedicure.

1. Cover your feet

Wearing socks whenever possible will help you to protect your feet from gathering dust and dirt from the environment. If you are stepping out, wear sheer stockings or foot liners with your stilettos so that you can protect your feet even while you are flaunting them off. Covering your feet will ensure that the smoothness that you got from your pedicure lasts longer.

2. Re-apply your nail paint when after a day or two of your pedicure

Your pedicure will last long only if you manage to keep your nails from chipping or breaking. And you can make this possible by re-applying one more coat of nail paint a day or two after you get your pedicure. If you are not good at applying the nail paint yourself, go to the salon one more time or ask a friend with a steady hand to do it for you. After applying another coat, your nail polish will harden and keep your nails from breaking.

3. Moisturize your feet regularly

A pedicure at the salon feels nice because your feet get massaged with cream or lotion in circular motions repeatedly. This replenishes the moisture in the skin of your feet and keeps them supple and soft. To prolong this salon effect, regularly moisturize your feet after you shower. Make sure that you moisturize your feet entirely, don’t leave out the gaps between your toes or the back of your sole. This will help your pedicure to last longer than usual.

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