6 Makeup Looks that Men Love


Men are simpler creatures compared to women. While we fuss about every detail of our looks, right from our eyelashes to the nail on the littlest toe, men have a more chilled and laid back attitude and prefer women who are so too. Overly made up women are a turn off, and most men prefer a girl who has no or subtle makeup than one who has on all components of a makeup box. Here are some of the looks that men love to see women sporting.

1. Smoky eyes

Men love anything on women that make them look sexy. The smoky eyes look lends ladies a sensuous, mysterious look. A piece of advice would be too not wear colored contacts with this look as you come across as an over the top lady trying too hard to impress.

2. Natural look

The minimal look is the most proffered look for men to see women in. They are attracted to women who are natural beauties and those ones too who are comfortable in their skin, not afraid to show how they really look. If you are naturally flawless, why not just apply light natural colored lip gloss only? If you have some marks or scars you want to hide, apply light foundation or concealer on that area only, instead of caking your whole face with base makeup.

3. Peach and light pink lip gloss

Light pink and peach lipgloss lend the wearer an innocent, child-woman look. Men like it because they also look quite luscious and kissable. Keep in mind, that men are not much fans of matte lipsticks unless you are going for a bold red at a night event, so stick to natural looking glosses.

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