9 Tips to Deal With a Backstabbing Friend

Tips to Deal With a Backstabbing Friend

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in this world. But sometimes, there exists a friend who doesn’t shy away from backstabbing and hurting you. Here’s how you can deal with a backstabbing friend in a dignified manner:

1. Give yourself time to calm down

When trust breaks, the pain caused is unbearable. It is quite understandable that you’ll get angry, mad and hurt but it’s important that you give yourself some time to calm down before you confront your friend.

2. Ask your friend for a private meeting

It’s important for you to sit down with your friend and clarify things. You must ensure that it’s a private meeting between you and her. Having a third person will not help. So set up a meeting to discuss the issue.

3. Converse confidently and confront calmly

The best way is to come out in open and talk about the issue as it is. Tell her that you have been hearing certain things and want to confirm if they are true. Always remember, do not take names like, ‘XYZ told me that you were saying this’ and the likes. Confront her but do it calmly and in a witty way.

4. Listen patiently

When you bring up the topic, it’s likely that she’ll offer her explanation or her side of the story. Don’t dismiss it without listening. Be patient and hear her out before jumping to conclusions.

5. Avoid melodrama

You know that she has caused immense pain to you by backstabbing you. Broken trust leads to a broken heart. But it’s important that you avoid melodrama. It’s of no use getting too emotional and asking melodramatically why she did it and how she could do it. Let past be past. Concentrate on how you have to deal with her in present and future.

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