9 Tips to Deal With a Backstabbing Friend

6. Ask about the reasons behind her actions

Calmly inquire about what her intentions were. Ask if she thought that you deserved it in some way? And if yes, then what was it that you did that made her take such a step? It’s important for you to know this part.

7. Persist but don’t pester

Obviously you want answers but if she is avoiding the issue and is not interested in answering, then persist a little bit but do not pester.

8. Decide about the future of your friendship

Only you can decide whether you want to continue with the friendship in future or not. Whatever your decision is, make sure you have taken it after a reasonable amount of time and thought.

9. Communicate clearly

After making your decision, communicate clearly to your friend about it. Let her know how hurt you are. Let her know all about your feelings. But make sure that you refrain from yelling and getting too emotional. Communicate clearly and calmly at all times. Let her know about your decision. If you want to be friends again, then let her know that you both have to work towards it. If you want to part ways, then simply move on.

Learn your lessons and choose your friends wisely in future.

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