How to Maintain a Garden?

How to Maintain a Garden?

Any lawn or garden looks best with flowers blooming, fruits budding from trees and greens to blossom every corner adorned with shrubs and vines. For gardens to flourish, we need to nourish them right. Day to day maintenance, proper attention and sustenance are required for your gardens to look lavish and well taken care of. It may sound like a daunting task to you, but with a few simple garden care tips, you will soon be able to maintain your greens well! Here are some tips to maintain a garden.

Small Plants- They are the gentlest and need extra care. In case of small plants, set them in your garden at a place where there is bright light but not direct sunlight. Also make sure their soil is moist always. Usually small plants need more attention and that extra bit of concern.

Trees- These are easy to maintain when compared to small plants. All you need to do is to water the trees, prune the leaves and compost the soil regularly.

Grass- These do not require much attention at all, just mowing and watering regularly does the trick! Trimmed grass always lends your garden a good appeal.

Shrubs- Remember to select the shrubs right. They shouldn’t be too tall or too short. 3-4 inches high are the ideal ones as they are easy to maintain and healthy.

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