5 Harmful Effects of Sun Exposure

5 Harmful Effects of Sun Exposure

Shed your clothes in summer. Enjoy the tan. Roam around. Feel the warmth of the sunlight. Is this what summer is all about? Not exactly.There is the other side of the coin too – the dangers of sun exposure. Before you set out of home to play, walk or laze around on the beach, you first need to know the dangers of what the warm sun rays can do. Check out this list of the dangers of sun exposure.

1. Sun burns, blisters and skin cancer

Sun rays contain harmful UVA,UVB and UVC radiations. These are a potential threat to your skin as well as your body. First degree sun burns result in red patches on your skin and second degree burns cause swelling, blisters and even peeling of your skin. These blistering sun burns can lead to skin cancer in the later stages of life.

2. Premature aging and wrinkles

Premature aging or photo aging is yet another danger. Exposure to hot and blistering sun daily, for a stretch of time, can cause noticeable changes to the skin. It may lose its ability to repair itself. There are chances of the skin getting loose, wrinkled and leathery too. Almost 80% of skin aging is caused due to the sun. UVA rays break down the collagen structure which results in wrinkles and loss of ability to repair itself.

3. Freckles and sun spots

Too much of sun exposure can give freckles and sun spots. These are frequently formed on the face, hands, palm and legs. Those who sunbathe regularly are more prone to developing freckles all over their body.

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