Why Is Being In A Relationship Better Than Being Single?

Why Is Being In A Relationship Better Than Being Single?

Are you thinking of a breakup because you want to be single again? Is your current relationship taking away your freedom and posing a lot of restrictions on you? Are you unhappy with the relationship because of the simple fact that you are bored being in the company of the same person for a major part of the day? Well, before you think of a breakup from your existing relationship because you want to be detached and enjoy the benefits of having no one to account to, read ahead and understand why you are better off than several others who are single.

The feeling of belonging is priceless

Little things begin to matter when you are with your loved one. You begin to see the world with a new perspective, which brings you the feeling of ecstasy. A relationship ties you to one person, true, but the feeling of belonging that it offers you is sure worth the tie. A relationship may demand you to spend a lot of time with your loved one. In any case, it is better than being single and lonely. When in a relationship, you really get to hang out with just one person all the time, but isn’t having that one person to count on forever worth hundred dates with strangers?

The joy of sharing doubles the joy itself

When you are a couple, walking in the rain becomes a lot more than just a simple casual walk. The joy of holding hands, the immense pleasure of leaning your head on your loved one’s shoulder is incomparable. The simplest of experiences like walking becomes heavenly and your heart soars with happiness. You do not have to have your dinner alone; neither do you have to cook for just one person. Sharing a pizza or fighting over who gets the bigger scoop of ice cream can energize you after a long, slogging day at work. Renting a movie and watching it in the comfort of your home, cuddled in the arms of your loved one is the ideal way to spend the weekends.

You cannot argue over your ‘special’ time

Fighting over silly things and the make up talks and kisses that follow definitely compensate for the lack of time for your own self, doesn’t it? Think it over and ensure you do not take a decision that you may regret for the rest of your life!

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