8 Reasons Good Women Stay in Bad Relationships

8 Reasons Good Women Stay in Bad Relationships

It sounds weird but it is true that many women who are not just good wives, moms, and companions at home but are also ambitious in their corporate life, are seen enduring pain in the relationship that they are into. Here are some reasons why good women stay in bad relationships.

1. She simply loves him

A good woman has accepted her man as he is without any conditions and is ready to be with him simply because she loves him a lot. Either she is a mother of his kids or she wants to have a family life with him because she is deeply in love with him. This blinds her from seeing that the relationship that she is into is hampering her progress and is hurting her dignity. Such women live their entire lives blindfolded as they accept every wrong that their man does.

2. She thinks she can change him

He happens to be her love and she thinks that if she remains in the relationship that has gone sour, she can make him change into a better human being – eventually she makes the mistake of changing herself to the extent that she starts to hurt herself from within. She wants to give time to the disturbed life, just in the hope that one day he will understand her love.

3. She is afraid of being alone

It is not easy for a committed woman to think of divorce or breakup. Though being alone despite being in a relationship, she is afraid of the big bad world outside. This can happen to women who have good careers and also to women who are mothers. The whole idea of raising kids on her own or facing problems in her career can be very frightening for her.

4. She is insecure

A woman who is a housewife and is living a simple life might feel insecure about the idea of being single. Though in a bad relationship, she is at least in a house and has a life that otherwise is not so bad. She is not sure of what she would do if she leaves the man who though doesn’t love her but is yet the father of her children or is the man who earns the bread.

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