5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boss

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boss

It is Christmas time and there is no reason why your boss should be excluded from getting any gifts. Your boss could be a woman or a man, a mean spirited one or a jovial one who makes your work tolerable. Whatever the type he or she is, it is always best to include them in your gift list. Some might think there needs to be a marked difference between the workplace and the personal space, but when the office celebrates Christmas together, it only makes sense that you buy a gift for the boss too. Just like you would want to know more about any person you are gifting to, it pays to know what kind of a person your boss is before you make a blunder giving him or her wrong gift that can send some unintended messages. Here are some ideas that might help you find the right gift for your boss.

1. A vintage clock or timepiece

If you cannot get hold of a vintage clock, there are lot of stores that sell clocks that have a vintage look to them. Pick a small one so your boss can place it on the table. Also look for something that comes with an alarm so the boss can use it for reminders. Be careful only if you keep getting reprimanded for coming late to office, then giving a clock would only look to your boss like you are playing some kind of a joke.

2. Bonsai

It is a great and a green gift. It is impersonal and personal at the same time. It is impersonal as it does not try to convey any hidden meaning and it is personal because a bonsai is not something that everyone would choose as a gift. Your boss will know that you have put some thought into the gift and will remember it.

3. A mask

If your boss had been kind enough to let you go on a vacation to some exotic place, get a mask from there. With the other stuff, there will be a lot of things to consider, but with a mask, it just has to look right. Get a normal sized mask so neither one of you would find it difficult to handle it.

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