9 Common Reasons Why Relationships Fail

9 Common Reasons Why Relationships Fail

When a beautiful relationship ends, there is only pain and agony. Most couples go through a breakup because of misunderstanding and lack of trust in a relationship. There are many other reasons why relationships fail, read on to know.

1. Disappearance of trust from the relationship

A love relationship cannot survive if there is no trust. Trust and understanding are basis of a relationship. Non belief on your partner can cause trouble. If there is trust in a relationship, there is a good level of compatibility. But if a relationship lacks trust, no one can save it from failing.

2. No time for each other

If couples have no time for each other, then it would eventually lead to a breakup. There should be a willingness to spend time. Here, sacrifice also plays an important role. Most couples now-a-days seem to be extremely busy with work and hence, fail to dedicate quality time to their relationship.

3. No respect for the lover

Respect is important in any relationship. If there is no respect, then there are no feelings. You heard it right, if you respect your partner, there is a sense of belonging towards him. There is mutual equality and understanding. Most couples fall out of love and head towards breakup due to not respecting their partner.

4. Trying to change the partner

This is a very common reason for breakup. But, this is a sign of dominance. Love is acceptance. If partners learn to accept their partner the way he/she is, nothing can break their relationship. But instead, what couples tend to do is, try and change the other. This results in nothing but a relationship failure.

5. Too many expectations

When you get into a relationship, you know what you are going to get out of it. So, what’s the point in expecting things? Negative expectations can lead to a breakup. Expecting too much from your partner can also lead to a breakup. So, keep realistic expectations to stay happy in love.

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