7 Annoying Things Guys Do on Facebook

7 Annoying Things Guys Do on Facebook

While the problem for men is that they cannot understand women, the problem of women is that they understand men but cannot change them. Guys have a number of annoying habits that spill onto the virtual world as well. Here are 7 of those things that drive women up the wall and make them consider the ‘unfriend’ option on Facebook.

1. Continuous updates of sports matches

Women get it that men are obsessed with FC Barca, Manchester United or whatever sports team or player they support, but it’s highly annoying to see a dozen posts from every guy out there (which makes it innumerable) about minute by minute updates of the matches. Yes, guys can share the winning excitement or the losing sorrow, but posting stuff like, “Come on Man U, kill it,” while the match is on is not going to make the players in another country actually go for the kill.

2. Approach on Facebook instead of in real life

Most men project bravado on Facebook while being scaredy cats in real life. They will hunt down any pretty girl they remotely know or have a crush on and approach her by sending a friend request online. Women are not at all appreciative of such men who ought to man up and talk in real than hide behind a computer and ask for a date.

3. Use cuss words abundantly

Many a time, men fight with each other on their statuses or posts with other men, especially when the men in question are supporting rival sports teams. In the process they forget two things. Firstly, it is a public platform, making cuss words a huge turn off and secondly, insult to someone else online is not going to demotivate the rival team, since they are obviously not reading the said post.

4. Post and share sexist and vulgar jokes

It’s really irking when guys make or share sexist and vulgar jokes on a public platform like Facebook. It would do well for their love lives if they stopped doing so and actually show respect for women.

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