13 Ways How You Can Use Tomatoes For Beauty

13 Ways How You Can Use Tomatoes For Beauty

Tomatoes are a woman’s best friend. Tomatoes can be used to get glowing skin, which is free of most problems like rashes and acne. Read on to know how.

1. A tablespoon of tomato juice along with four drops of lemon juice can be used to shrink your open pores.

2. Use tomato pulp as a face pack daily to say bye-bye to acne.

3. Mash up tomato (with seeds) and avocado (without the nut) and apply liberally on your face to naturally cleanse your face. Wash off after 20 minutes.

4. Blend yogurt with tomatoes to get a smooth puree and use as a coolant for your underarms, face and neck. Wash off in 10 minutes.

5. Get oil free skin by regularly using tomato juice mixed with cucumber juice as an astringent, before you go to sleep.

6. Get relief from your rashes by rubbing half a tomato over them in circular motion for 15 minutes.

7. Mix up crushed tomatoes with a little bit of honey and keep it overnight on your face to get that fresh and glowing look for the entire day.

8. Mix tomatoes with milk and drink it twice a day. Your skin will glow from inside within a few weeks.

9. Crush cornflakes and tomatoes together to get a grainy texture and use it to scrub off the dead cells on your face which make you look dull.

10. Buttermilk mixed with tomato juice can be used if you have burnt your skin while steaming or cooking something.

11. For black patches on your skin, you can sprinkle sugar granules on the area and rub them in with tomato halves and see the difference.

12. If you are feeling too tired, you can even take a tomato bath by crushing two or more pounds of tomatoes and applying the same all over your body.

13. For soft and beautiful toes, you can take cherry tomatoes, cut off one end and wear them like a cap on each toe for about an hour. If you can do this every day, your feet will look extremely beautiful.

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