8 Weird Weddings You Should Read About

8 Weird Weddings You Should Read About

Don’t we want everybody to remember our weddings? We make them memorable by spending thousands of dollars or having the fanciest outfits and themes and so on! But if you’d rather take an unconventional approach to that, and do something that no one has dared to do, then here is a list of weird weddings which will ensure the world remembers your wedding more than their own!

1. In the air

Wouldn’t it be lovely to exchange vows in the midst of white fluffy clouds? After all, marriages are made in heaven. Unless you are afraid of heights, you could choose anything from a chartered airplane to riding in a hot air balloon. You could go for sky diving or bungee jumping too, but then you’d have to bid goodbye to that beautiful wedding dress first!

2. In water

Unless you’re hydrophobic, exchanging vows underwater would be weird enough for people to notice! Your venue could be a simple shower, a bathtub, a swimming pool, under a waterfall or a ship wreck or you could even scuba dive. Just keep a couple of towels handy if you go for this one!

3. In prison

Yes, in prison! But that doesn’t mean you must put yourself behind bars! You could simply recreate the atmosphere of a prison, steel bars et al. That way, you’d be pronounced ‘locked up together forever’.

4. On video chat

Definitely one of the weirdest, you could consider getting married on a video conference call! If people can fall in love over the Internet, why not get married online too? Apart from the fact that your husband will be unable to ‘kiss the bride’, the wedding could be quite techno savvy!

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