5 Skin Problems Which Happen In Summer

5 Skin Problems Which Happen In Summer

Sun, the greatest source of light and heat in our solar system also creates a lot of havoc in summer, when its radiation is high. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sun causes many skin related problems like sun burns, acne, dry lips, parainfluenza, eczema, chicken pox, dehydration, stoke, etc., that are widely prevalent during summer. Listed here are a few sins of the sun in summer.

1. Sunburns, skin cancer, and aging

We tend to develop sun burns when we are exposed to the sun for a longer time. At first, the burns are superficial as red patches that later on develop into blisters with puss formation and ultimately, this will result in the peeling of skin. This might even result in skin cancer if not properly attended to. By using a good sunscreen lotion, skin friendly apparels, and restricting our exposure to sun, we can prevent the occurrence of sun burns. Too much of tanning will destruct elastine, the skin fiber and this will result in the loosening of skin structure and finally result in the aging of skin.

2. Melasma

Another prominent skin infection that arises in summer is melasma that is brownish pigmentation. The UV rays of the sun result in peroxidation of lipids in cell membranes that lead to the formation of free radicals that induce melanocytes to generate more melanin that forms brown pigmentation on skin. The remedy to this is to use sunscreen lotion and limiting our outing in the sun during the peak radiation hours.

3. Dehydration

Development of dry skin is the result of dehydration and too much of exposure to the sun. Consumption of more water and non-caffeinated drinks will reduce the intensity of the dryness of the skin. Application of hydrating cream is also a good remedy for preventing skin dryness in summers.

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