9 Benefits of Kissing You Must Know

9 Benefits of Kissing You Must Know

Who doesn’t love to kiss and hug? We all do! But there’s a whole new side to kissing that you never knew about and that is – the benefits of kissing! Yes, even kissing has its own set of benefits and you’re about to find out what exactly they are.

1. Kissing increases immunity

When you kiss, you also exchange spit and saliva with your partner. When that happens, germs also enter your mouth. This forces your body to produce antibodies to prevent you from falling ill. It’s almost like getting a vaccination. A very sweet vaccination, we say!

2. Kissing burns calories

Kissing can burn 2-6 calories per minute. So a 20 minute smooching session will make you burn 40 calories. Or let’s put it this way: 3 passionate kisses = Weight loss of 1 pound.

3. Kissing strengthens facial muscles

Kissing uses almost 30 of your facial muscles. Due to this tension produced in the cheeks, there is increased circulation and the cheeks become tight. This prevents baggy cheeks.

4. Kissing calms and soothes you

There are a number of chemicals released when you kiss your sweetheart. The good news is that they are all chemicals related to euphoria. While kissing, the oxytocin levels of the body increase significantly which is the body’s calming chemical. The body’s feel-good chemicals – endorphins – are also released more. Then, while swapping spit takes place while kissing, it leads to an increase in dopamine, which leads to feelings of romantic bonding.

5. Kissing boosts your self-esteem

Yes, kissing can actually help you to boost your self-esteem too! How you ask? Well, because when you kiss you really feel that someone loves you and cares for you. This creates an appreciative feeling in you and leads to a calm state of mind.

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