8 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Period Last Forever

8 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Period Last Forever

In order to make the ‘honeymoon period’ last and almost never ending, both individuals involved in the relationship must take a little extra care to make sure that nothing comes between them. Once two people are married, they tend to avoid being lovers any more. In order to keep the ‘honeymoon period’ active for a longer duration, you should not let the fact that you are now married come in the way of taking necessary steps and making him fall for you all over again. Listed here are 8 steps how you can ensure that the ‘honeymoon period’ never ends.

1. Do not take him for granted

The normal tendency after marriage becomes to stop taking care of being attractive towards your partner and making him feel good that he is with you. Do not take your husband for granted, and remember that he is still the person he was before marriage. Behave with him as though you still are young and excited lovers and watch how the honeymoon period refuses to fade away.

2. Spend more time with him

Considering the busy lifestyles that we lead today, it is very difficult to spend quality time with your spouse, when you are married. However, recall how you managed time somehow to meet him when you were not married. Live life like before marriage and you will find yourself still excited and energized to meet him, spend time with him, do things together and so on.

3. Continue going on dates

Do not stop going on dates after marriage. Of course, you will now date the person you have married! But let the feel remain the same. Go for candle-light dinners occasionally, celebrate each others’ birthdays and other special occasions, and you will see how the honeymoon period is retained.

4. Pay attention to your looks

Do not stop looking good just because you are now married and there is no one to look at or no one who would have to look at you. Remember that how you look determines how you feel. Take care of your appearance even after marriage and watch how vibrant you feel.

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