4 Types of Jewelry that Every Lady Must Have

4 Types of Jewelry that Every Lady Must Have

A woman’s dressing drawer is incomplete without a few jewels that she must definitely own. While the opinion of which jewels are the most important to a woman may differ, there are some pieces that get a nod from every woman. Listed here are a few types of jewelry that every lady must have.

1. Diamond Sets

The saying that diamonds are a woman’s best friends may be old, but it is true to the very core. Be it diamond studs or diamond necklaces, no other jewel can be compared to them. Diamond sets of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are available in a varied number of designs. Get yourself one of these sets, if you do not already have one -because diamonds can be worn with almost everything!

2. Pearl Sets

Pearls bring with them a unique flavor and statement. They go along with formal dresses and ball gowns very well. However, you can pair a chic looking pearl necklace with a tee as well. a Pearls come in shades of off-white and pink apart from pure white, thus giving you more options to choose form. As with diamond sets, you can buy pearl sets as well. If you are happy to own different designs, then you can purchase separate pieces of earrings and necklaces.

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