8 Useful Makeup Tips for Monolids

8 Useful Makeup Tips for Monolids

A lot of people have thin eyelids or hooded eyelids. People with monolids require different kind of eye makeup for sure. This doesn’t mean that women with monolids can’t look pretty. Check out the following makeup ideas to beautify your monolids without going under the knife.

1. Blend your eye makeup

Most women blend their eye shadow from the middle of their eyes and out. This gives eyes a seamless look. But in case of women with monolids, this trick doesn’t work. If you lack a crease then create one with the help of eye makeup. It is important for you to blend the eye shadow from the middle of the eyelids and out.

2. Groom your eyebrows

The shape of your eyebrows can affect the overall look of your eyes or even face. So, it is important to groom and shape your eyebrows. Give a flattering shape to your eyebrows as this will make a huge difference in the way your face looks. Your eyebrows can draw attention to your eyes. Don’t forget to remove stray hair from your eyebrows. Get them shaped by a professional because only a professional would know what eyebrow shape looks best for your face cut and features.

3. Extend the eyeliner

Make a longer line with your eyeliner. Drag it out past the corner of your eye. This trick works well for women with monolids and double-lids. This idea can make your lashes look longer and wider. This tip can be very beneficial for women who have small eyes or for those who want to make their eyes look bigger.

4. Create a fake crease

Take a neutral but dark eye shadow along with an eye shadow brush. Use these things to create a fake crease. Start with applying a neutral eye shadow all over your eye. Afterwards, take a darker color and apply it on to the crease. If you don’t know where exactly your crease is then gently feel the rim of your eye socket with your finger and apply the darker color there. If you want to highlight your eyes even more, then apply a highlighter to the brow bone.

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