5 Ways to Overcome Facebook Addiction

5 Ways to Overcome Facebook Addiction

Facebook offers a simple platform to meet peers, chat, share videos, pictures, engage in debate or send out invitations for events. You even get to play games and take random quizzes for hours. If you are sitting for hours in front of your laptop, glued on Facebook, you might have a Facebook addiction. Here are 5 ways to deal with your Facebook addiction.

1. Ask your parents or friends to monitor your Facebook use

You must trust your friends and family to help you through this addiction. Tell them that they must allot you just one hour of your leisure time to access Facebook. After that no matter what you say they must shut down the laptop and engage you in some other activity.

2. Turn off your internet

If you want to help yourself, you must realize that while working, Facebook could be a major distraction. When you are working offline, turn off the internet and don’t even access your personal emails unless it’s for work. Otherwise you will tend to access Facebook.

3. Do not activate Facebook application on your cell phone

The Facebook addiction heightens when the technology allows you to access Facebook even when you’re traveling or commuting to work. Make sure you do not download this application and keep your use limited to laptop or computer.

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