6 Ways to Manage Yourself without Friends

6 Ways to Manage Yourself without Friends

All of us sail through life with family and friends. Though only a few may be friends for life, we have friends at all stages of life. Friends may think like us, but most certainly support and protect us. When the world walks out on us, friends are the ones who walk in. They’re most needed in times of trouble. So what can you do when suddenly you find yourself without any friends? Either you’ve had a bad fight or a serious disagreement, and neither of you is ready to yield ground, and have parted ways, or, it could be that your friend or friends have moved out of town. Now that you’re all by yourself and friendless, here are few ways in which you can manage yourself without friends.

1. Make new friends whenever, wherever

The most obvious thing to do is to find new friends. Start socializing with people you share certain likes or dislikes. You may, in course of time, establish lasting friendship with some of your kind.

2. Join a club

If you are the sporty kind, you won’t be able to stay away from your favorite sport for long. Join a club where your energy will be channelized the way you want. As you team up with others, you’ll have some kind of social interaction.

3. Take up a hobby

You can always take up a hobby. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to swim, go hiking, do rappelling, paint, write, learn yoga or meditate, do it now.

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