How To Know If Someone Is Lying From Their Body Language?

How To Know If Someone Is Lying From Their Body Language?

Lying is considered the lowest form of sin. Nevertheless, it is a sin. Lying for a good cause and for a better life that does not hurt anyone is considered fair. But lying for deception and cheating makes life harder for everyone. Having a hard time in separating the truth from the lie? Have no clue if a person is lying to you on your face? Observing a person’s body language can help in guessing if a person is lying. The body language of a person always alters when lying. Here are a few signs that will help you know if someone is lying from their body language.

1. Reduced movement

Usually a liar’s physical movement is very stiff and limited. The arm and leg movements are very close to the body. The body takes up very less space.

2. Unclear conversations

A liar’s conversation is not clear and is broken. The response from a liar is also delayed.

3. Avoidance of eye contact

Eye contact is avoided. Avoiding eye contact is one important sign as people cannot face someone when they are lying. There is a fear of getting caught.

4. Use of obstacles

People tend to place an obstacle as a barrier. Liars tend to use an object in front of them to deviate attention or to hide their body language.

5. Hand to face contact

Hand to face contact increases. One who lies usually touches his/her face at regular intervals, mostly his/her nose and ear.

6. Increased heart rate

Breathing becomes deeper and is audible. The heart rate of a liar also increases.

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