6 Reasons Why Girls Love Bad Boys

6 Reasons Why Girls Love Bad Boys

There are good boys and then there are the bad boys, the ones who are not mama’s lads; the mysterious, rebellious and charmingly attractive men. It’s a popular saying that good guys finish last, and the reason behind this is because a majority of women are more attracted to bad boys than the husband material ones. Although they may eventually settle with the good ones, in order to have a proper family life, they can’t help but still have the hots for the bad boys around them. Here are 6 reasons why women are so attracted to the bad guys.

1. Best of both worlds

Ladies want a bad boy who will be all swagger and attitude to the world, but soft and caring with them. They want to make them good and homely so that they get the best of both worlds; the advantage of having a bad boy on their side as well as having a good one at heart. However, this doesn’t really happen and they end up with heartbreaks, sadly.

2. Difficult to have

Women are known to want what they can’t have or what other women have. This catty nature of most women make them fall for and dream about getting the bad boy because they are coveted by many other females. If they get his attention, it makes them feel important and higher than other females vying for him.

3. Sense of mystery

An open book is a boring book. If a guy is a jabber mouth, whose whole life story you know about, then there is nothing left for the woman to discover and know. She gets bored easily. Bad boys always have this sense of mystery around them and are men of few words. This make the females inquisitive and get attracted to such guys.

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