Top 5 Ways To Wear Your Eye Shadow

Top 5 Ways To Wear Your Eye Shadow

It is said that a girl can make a boy fall deep in love with her with her eyes. Ah eye shadows! They not only give a definition for the shape of your eyes, but also highlight them and make them appear more attractive. You can easily use them as an advantage, even if you are not genetically blessed with beautiful eyes. Here are top 5 ways to wear your eye shadow.

1. Liner style

If you are sick of wearing your eyeliner all the time, simply substitute your eyeliner with an eyeshadow of your favorite color. Use a pointed brush and wet it a little. Now dab eyeshadow powder on it and apply it around the lash line of your eye, just the way you apply an eyeliner. You can also use a little bit of it towards the lower corners of your eyes. It will create a smoky effect without much effort.

2. Mix two shades

If you seriously cannot make your mind about one eyeshadow color, why not pick two of them. Simply mix two shades of one color. The darker one can be used on the eyelid, while the lighter one can be used above the eyelid. It will give a beautiful highlight to your eyes that will reflect in a lovely manner.

3. Cover the whole lid

This is the most traditional way to use an eye-shadow. Simply cover the whole lid using an eye shadow that matches your skin tone. You can also pick a color depending on the outfit you’re wearing. Dark shades look great at night, while lighter hues go well with the daylight.

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