8 Great Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

8 Great Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Holiday season is here, finally! Aren’t you much more glad at this time of the year when there’s lots of shopping to do and exciting stuff to cook? Besides these two fun activities, there’s also the anticipation and excitement of decorating your home as well as your Christmas tree! So what are you waiting for? Hop in and take this visual ride of the most fun Christmas tree decorating ideas.

1. Baubles

You can have different kinds of baubles. They come in plastic – being hollow from inside – or in glass. Oh and you can go ballistic with the colors! If you want to go the traditional way, opt for gold, silver and red colored baubles. For a modern approach, you can include fuchsia, purple, green or yellow baubles shining from your Christmas tree. Then you can also decorate your baubles with glitter or sequins and ribbons to make your tree shimmery!

2. Handmade ornaments

We are sure you will be having plenty of handmade or DIY ornaments collected over the years. Now, it’s time to use them to decorate your Christmas tree! You can make paper pinecones, cute envelopes, flowers from book pages, glitter paper butterflies, cookie cutters and many such adorable ornaments. What’s more, even kids can enjoy making such ornaments with you.

3. Suns and moons

Decorating your Christmas tree with all things celestial could never be any better! There are a couple of things needed to make your tree heavenly, literally. Golden suns, white or golden shaded moons and stars will look perfect on your tree. If you want, you can add a bit of color by having bold colored baubles.

4. Pinecones and birds

Go natural this Christmas by having a nature-inspired tree! You can have birds, leaves and of course how can you forget the most important – pinecones! Let your pinecones shine brightly by having lights or glitter on them.

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