8 Tips to Dress up Like Emily Fields

Tips to Dress up Like Emily Fields

Being a young fictional character in Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fields is popular among youth. This character is known for her laid-back and comfortable clothing items. She loves tank tops, long-sleeved tops, comfy skirts, pants etc. Mentioned below are some more clothing items she likes wearing. Check out the mentioned ideas on how to dress like Emily Fields.

1. Go for neutral colors

Emily Fields usually wears neutral colors during the day. You can pick some tank tops of Khaki green, beige and red color. You can also go for tank tops with white color and a striped pattern. The choice of color matters a lot when it comes to dressing like your favorite celebrity. You may not find the exact colors and tank tops but you can surely find some similar ones.

2. Pick some pretty accessories

Emily Fields finishes off her outfits with knitted hats. These cute hats can keep you warm and comfortable in winter. So, don’t forget to wear one of these hats if you are an Emily Fields fan. Also, pick a beige canvas bag, a leather messenger bag, ponytails, tennis shoes and neutral colored lip gloss.

3. Add a green parka coat to your wardrobe

These coats can not only help you dress like Emily Fields but they can also help you stay warm during cold days. You can add one or two layers underneath these coats to stay cozy on a chilling day.

4. Wear stripes

Emily often wears stripes. You can buy a peach and black striped top reading, ‘Please, do talk about me when I’m gone.’ You can even pick some one-piece dresses having horizontal stripes. Prefer the ones which come with pretty coordinating belts. Make sure you wear sleek and simple belts. Wear a knee length white, black and yellow top under a turquoise cardigan and you will definitely be able to dress like Emily Fields.

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