16 Things You Didn’t Know About the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is always decorated with creativity and zeal every year on Christmas. But, there are many things, which people do not know about the Christmas tree. What are those? Well, continue reading to know.

1. An original Christmas tree takes more than fifteen years to grow. It is then sold at the market before the Christmas festival.

2. More than three billion artificial Christmas trees are sold every year in America and UK.

3. The most traditional Christmas tree is the Norway spruce. But, it does not stay the same because of the cold temperature during Christmas.

4. The first Christmas tree, which was ever decorated, was in Riga, in the year 1510. After that, the trend of decorating the tree picked up all over the world.

5. More than sixty percent of people in America choose black spruce and Douglas fir as the Christmas tree. And, people of Britain normally choose the Norway spruce and silver fir for Christmas festival.

6. When people decorate fruit basket and pine cone on the tree, it depicts generosity and fruitfulness for others.

7. When people decorate Santa on the Christmas tree, it depicts the goodwill, which the festival brings. And, heart depicts the true love for god.

8. More than 100,000 people are employed for part time or full time in the Christmas tree industry.

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