7 Movies That Prove Friends Are The Best Part Of Life

7 Movies That Prove Friends Are The Best Part Of Life

There are many movies which are based on true friendship. Best friend movies show us that nothing is great than a wonderful company of your best friend forever. So, listed are some movies that prove that friends are the best part of life. Read on to know more on this.

1. The perks of being a wallflower

When an introvert boy gets a company of cool friends, his life changes forever! So, this movie is about how friends transform your life for good. How friends change your life and make you a better person. Friends help you in everything, even matters of your heart. It is a classic friendship movie to watch with your besties for sure.

2. Ghost world

It is not about a tale of two friends but how the situation affects their friendship in life. A small prank on someone cost them dear in life. And, how their life changes after the incident is something to look out for. But, this does not affect their true friendship with time, which is the basic plot of the movie. A cool movie to watch with friends!

3. Fried green tomatoes

There is no age in true friendship and when minds think alike, the bond grows stronger with time. The movie is about how a girl befriends an old lady because she feels alone in life. The old lady shares her experience and tales of life which helps her to become a better person. So, this is a sweet mutual tale of friendship for sure.

4. Sex and the city

Where do you head to share your secrets, off course with your besties right? The movie is about courtships, love and breakups. But, four best friends stick to each other in life and share their ups and downs in the relationship. This movie teaches that the real friendship stays no matter what the situation of life is.

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