5 Ways to Make Large Feet Appear Smaller

5 Ways to Make Large Feet Appear Smaller

There are many people who have normal bodies but relatively larger feet. Probably you imagine that your feet are wider and larger than they actually are or do not realize that people are not going to be so critical about how your feet look. However, if you want peace of mind and want to make your big feet look smaller than they really are, then check out this list.

1. Dark colored shoes

Footwear dyed in darker colors will make your feet appear smaller than those which sport light colors or pastel shades. Deeper versions of red, blue, violet, green, brown, grey and black will serve you better than their light tended counterparts. After all, black is known to make the wearer look slimmer, be it as a dress or as footwear.

2. Stay away from skimpy sandals

Strappy footwear which almost wholly bares the foot will make anyone’s foot look larger. In fact scrappy footwear is tight and clings to your skin. Leave such footwear for ladies who have bony feet and go for peep toes, sling backs or D’Orsays.

3. Use round toed shoes instead of pointy toed ones

Pointy toed shoes have the ability to make even the daintiest of feet appear longer so it is a definite no-no if you already have long feet. Steer clear of slim footwear with pointy toes and go for round toed shoes which don’t give off the illusion of elongating the feet.

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