How Does Nature Teach Us the Value of Discipline?

How Does Nature Teach Us the Value of Discipline?

Discipline is an entity which is bound to take the person following it to great heights. And we don’t need to look far for lessons on discipline. The nature surrounding us has a set of rules to follow and we have in turn molded our lives in sync with those rules. For instance, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, this is what we call a day. But imagine if the sun decides to take the day off and not rise at all! That would mean 24 hours of night and a lot of chaos. Well, that might happen in some movie perhaps but thankfully, not in real life. In real life, nature follows a certain discipline and so should we. Learning the art of discipline from nature stays with us and benefits us for a lifetime.

Let us begin with the simplest aspect of discipline that nature has: gravity. Newton might have theorized gravity, but its existence dates back to when the earth was formed. Gravity teaches us to keep our feet on ground, and not just practically. It nurtures in us a sense of being firmly rooted to the ground. No matter how far we progress, how successful we become in our respective fields, we should always be humble in our lives.

We all know the importance of maintaining the ecological balance in nature. That is nature’s another way of disciplining us to live in harmony with other beings, weaving a sense of cooperation in us and a concern for others. This interdependency formulated by nature helps us fathom the significance of living in accordance with other mortals. Any sort of glitch in this balance can cost us a lot, as we have come to realize now.

Everything related to nature is disciplined. Take for instance the cycle of seasons, which teaches us punctuality, the storms teach us to be steady and trees teach us to give, water teaches us to be flexible and fire teaches us to spread warmth. In some way or the other, each facet of nature insinuates discipline in us. And these, if inculcated within our character can help us lead more fruitful lives.

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