15 Easy Tips to Make Someone Trust You

15 Easy Tips to Make Someone Trust You

The world stands on this pedestal called trust. Our lives here are meaningless without trust. Humans trust one another for their own safety, be it physical or emotional. Trusting a person depends on a lot of factors. You may wait months or years before you trust someone, whereas you may trust a stranger immediately when asking for directions. Trust matters in all aspects of life, be it love, business or politics. Being trustworthy also brings about love, care and respect. Here are some quick and easy tips to make someone trust you.

1. Trust is mutual. Trust them and they will trust you.

2. Be polite at all times to the people you want to gain trust from.

3. Respect them and their interests. Only when you learn to respect them, can you gain their trust.

4. Smile at your home/workplace/with your friends and never frown or make facial expressions that show you don’t keep your trust in them.

5. Listen to what they have to say. Being a good listener shows you care for them.

6. A hug or a peck on the cheek that ensures love and care always gains trust.

7. Do share some of your secrets. Sharing secrets makes the person feel important.

8. Admit and apologize when you are wrong. Blaming the mistake on others just kills trust.

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