8 Steps To Stop Being Jealous Of Others

8 Steps To Stop Being Jealous Of Others

Jealousy is bad in all relationships, whether in love or with your siblings, or among your office colleagues. It hinders effective communication and only leads to misunderstandings and hurt. Thus, you should always see to it that you keep your behavior in check and not react in an egotistical manner. Ego is actually the main culprit that leads you to behave in a jealous manner with those around you. We are here to help you with some ways to prevent yourself from getting jealous.

1. Love yourself

The primary factor that you need to realize is that you are most important to yourself. We are not telling you to be selfish, but you should understand and accept what you are. You shouldn’t be going out to get what others have. Instead, learn to be happy in what you have. You must appreciate and love yourself.

2. Do the opposite of what you normally would do

This means that whenever you feel a bout of jealousy coming to you, you should just avoid it. For instance, if your partner says that he is going for a movie with his friends, suggest him a good one and tell him that he could also go out for dinner later. Be positive and let jealousy be a thing of the past. For example, if your best friend is talking to someone else, avoid being jealous and let him/her do that.

3. Understand that jealousy is just your belief about something

You think jealousy usually stems from other people’s behavior. Wrong. Jealousy comes up out of what meaning you attribute to people’s behavior. Your best friend might call their other friend who is sick and ask about their health. There’s nothing wrong in that, nor anything to be jealous about. Why even you might call your friend if he/she is sick, right?

4. Be confident about yourself

This is the most basic of all the steps that you should take in avoiding jealousy. When you are confident about yourself, there is nothing that could make you feel jealous. You should build your self-esteem. You must realize that other people won’t leave you just because you feel you’re not good enough for them. If you try your hand at something and fail, then don’t worry as you will get the chance to learn something new again.

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