8 Songs To Listen To When Depressed

8 Songs To Listen To When Depressed

There are so many times when you feel that things are just not going your way. You feel as if the whole world has turned against you and just wants to make you feel sad. Your friend hurt you real bad. Your boyfriend didn’t support you for something. Your parents didn’t allow you for a slumber party. It feels like everything’s coming crashing down onto you at once. What can you do now? We have an idea. Listen to some of these awesome songs that will help you to uplift your mood in a jiffy.

1. I’m Alive by Celine Dion

Celine Dion is most famous for her ballad, slow romantic songs. But this one proves to be inspirational and will boost your mood very soon. Celine Dion’s voice is refreshing, the lyrics are awesome and you even feel to nod your head and snap along with the music beats.

2. Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne

‘I’m tugging at my hair, I’m pulling at my clothes, I’m trying to keep my cool, I know it shows.’ Isn’t this how you feel sometimes? You have to stop being what someone else wants you to be. It’s your life and so you should not live it according to others’ expectations. Listen to this song and blow your worries away.

3. Up! by Shania Twain

If you really want to get yourself up and about in no time, then you must listen to this song. It will help you immensely. The lyrics are so beautiful and they motivate you to think that if things are so bad right now, then after this phase passes over there can be no more wrong that could happen. It’s just going to be good and right all along for you.

4. Survivor by Destiny’s Child

If there’s your love that’s upsetting you, then this is the best uplifting song that you can listen to. It will not only help you to get back to your senses, but also be a great catalyst for changing your mood. The lyrics are so good that they will make you feel that you will be able to come out of your dreary phase and be all charged up with new energy.

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