A Beginner’s Guide To Types Of Wine

Before you drink wine, it’s very essential to appreciate it. You shouldn’t be consuming it just as another drink. In fact, wine sipping is the most enjoyable of all drinking experiences. No wonder then it’s called wine sipping and not wine drinking! You are supposed to know, understand and then enjoy the wine. Being new to wines, you should first try out a variety of wines.

There are various factors to consider while buying a bottle of wine like price, flavor and most importantly the food pairing. So accordingly you must select that type of wine and we’re here to make your task simpler. These are the various types of wines that are available.

White wine

White wine

1. White Wine

White wine can be made from grapes of any color. It is not necessarily pure white, but only the clear juice of the grapes is used to prepare white wine which gives it a light rose or strawberry shade or a light golden color. White wine is also generally sweeter than red wine. If you would like to have a sweeter wine, then you should go for white wine. Some of the white wines include Riesling, Chardonnay, Sherry and Sauvignon Blanc.

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Red wine

Red wine

2. Red Wine

Have you ever wondered what gives red wine its dark red color? Actually, the juice that is used to prepare red wine includes the stems, skins as well as seeds of red or black grapes. Red wine is also heavier as compared to white wine which is sweeter. So if you aren't much a fan of sweet wines, then red wine would be best for you. Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are some varieties of red wine that you could choose from.

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Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine

3. Sparkling Wine

Yes, your wine actually has that sparkle in it which gives it the name sparkling wine. These wines are produced in such a way that they produce carbon dioxide and are thus known as sparkling wines. These are also popularly known as Champagne and get their name from the Champagne region of France. Champagne wines can be bone dry, dry or sweet. Blanc de Blanc and Blanc de Noir are some of the Champagne wines.

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Rose wine

Rose wine

4. Rose Wine

Rose wine is basically sweet as it is more inclined to have a cherry or raspberry styled flavor. Rose wine is a mixture of red and white wines. It has all the characteristics of white wine and a few qualities of red wine. Rose wine can be sweet or dry, dark or light in flavor. Some rose wines have a light pink color to them.

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  • White wine
  • Red wine
  • Sparkling wine
  • Rose wine

As a beginner, you should know about these types of wines and select the one that suits your taste. Go ahead.

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