13 Signs You are More than Friends

13 Signs You are More than Friends

Friends tell everything to each other! They may go to parties, outings and even to trips together. Sometimes it is really not easy to figure out if your friendship is turning into a love relationship. Here are some signs which will let you find out if you and your friend are more than friends.

1. Your friends make obvious comments about you and your friend’s connection and compatibility.

2. You guys call each other at least once before going to bed at night.

3. You and your friend call each other by cute nick names like ‘Doll,’ ‘Baby,’ ‘Teddy Bear’ and the likes.

4. You feel like hugging each other instead of shaking hands.

5. You sometimes accidently hold hands in public.

6. You feel jealous when your friend talks to good looking people of the opposite sex.

7. You have a strong desire to witness the countdown together on the Christmas Eve or any other special day.

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