8 Signs You are a Good Mother

8 Signs You are a Good Mother

“The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children” by Karl Lagerfeld. How true is this quote! Mother’s love is beyond any comparison in life. Mother’s love is giving and full of unsaid emotions. Here are some signs that you are a good mother.

1. If your child is cheerful

The emotion of happiness is way supreme in life. If your child is cheerful with you, then that makes you a loving and caring mom. If your child feels free in your company, then that signifies your love for your child. It is all about the right state. Your child may feel content being with a special mother like you.

2. If your child shares and cares

Sharing and caring are two important aspects of personality. It is important to teach your child the value of both the things. If you see your child cares for others, then you have taught your child the right values. Sharing with other kids plays the basis of your child’s personality. So yes, you should be happy.

3. If your child has good manners

Does your child say thanks after everything you do for your child? If your child is thankful for everything, then the message is surely clear. You make a good mom. Sorry and Thanks are two words that your child should use often because it only shows your values you taught them. This also keeps your child grounded.

4. If your child is your priority

There is no particular definition of a good mom. But, yes small things do matter a lot. If you put your child first in everything you do, then that makes you one. It is all about priority. If your child’s need to eat and sleep is important for you, then that also makes a good difference. Do pat your back for this.

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