8 Types of Friends You Must Avoid

8 Types of Friends You Must Avoid

Not all friends are meant to be for life. Some stay for a while and then drift apart. Some come across as not much of likable persons but then become lifelong companions. When we make friends, we look for common grounds, a common interest, a common area of interest, basically something that will link us to one another. This is especially true when you are young. However, as you grow older, the really true friends turn out to be the ones whom you hang on to and those who stay in touch with you as well. While good and true friends may be difficult to come by, there are some types of friends who do you more harm than good—they are toxic in nature and take away from you instead of also giving back. Therefore, as soon as you spot them, cut them loose. Listed below are the 8 types of friends you must avoid.

1. The cry baby

The cry baby is the friend who always has something to whine about. Whenever you meet them they have a whole lot of miseries to talk about. While sharing one’s hardships with a friend is acceptable, a friend who uses you as a dustbin to empty all their negative energies is toxic in nature. The cry baby will draw you of all your energy and leave you drained with nothing saved for you own well being.

2. The convenient beneficiary

This kind of friend is always there for you—but only when they need you! The moment their purpose is served, they vanish very conveniently. If you call for their help, they are nowhere to be found and obviously you are nowhere on their priority list. However, should they need your help or support again, they are back as your BFF. Get rid of this kind of a friend.

3. The score keeper

For them, life is a score card, and everything is about getting even. They are so calculative that even if they do you one little favor they will make a mental note of it and ensure that you pay back when the time comes. Their problem is that they are not genuine persons and do everything from barter point of view with the sole purpose of getting back for what they have given, which is obviously not an acceptable arrangement in friendship at least.

4. The withdrawer

Life is probably all about give and take, even when it comes to friends, but the withdrawer is that kind of friend who knows only one part of this rule! All they know is to take and giving back is nowhere on their to-do list. It is just the kind of person that they are—they keep on taking from people, including you without any consideration of reciprocation.

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