5 Signs You are the Bully in Your Relationship

Signs You are the Bully in Your Relationship

You may have gotten into a relationship for many reasons. It could be because you were in love with that person and wanted to spend your life with him or you could have got into a relationship because you were tired of living alone and you needed someone to be around when you get back home. If your relationship is going downhill, there could be a lot of reasons, you may be growing apart, there could be very little love left or it could be because you have been a bully and the other person is trying to distance himself away from you. You may be a bully and you’d know it or you may be a bully without really knowing it because you have been a bully all your life and have always gotten away with it. Here are some signs that you are the bully in your relationship. Know the signs to be a better person and save your relationship.

1. You are too controlling

You are too controlling and would like to keep tabs ad checks on whatever he is doing. You call him too many times in a day demanding what is happening and you either curse him or throw things at him when you do not get an answer that is good to satisfy you.

2. You treat him like a kid

You treat him like a kid and not as someone who is your equal. You make all the decisions for him and never let him think for himself or take a decision. You also choose where you go out or what needs to be done in the house. This could be very bad as after a while he is going to resent you for pushing him around.

3. You treat him like he is your servant

You expect him to be at your beck and call at any given time and get irritated and take it out on him if he does not do it. You either verbally abuse him or hit it at times. This is a sure sign of you being the big bad bully in the relationship. Learn that he is not your servant but someone who is with you because he loves you. Learn to respect him and treat him like an equal.

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