8 Tips on What to Do When Your Child Starts Swearing

Tips on What to Do When Your Child Starts Swearing

Children can think of peculiar ways to make their presence felt. You will be surprised to know how their little minds work! Being young and inexperienced, they seldom know how to deal with their anger and frustration. Thus, the onus lies on your shoulders to teach them what is appropriate and what’s not. Here are some easy tips on what to do when your child starts swearing.

1. Don’t overreact

When for the first time you hear your child swear, don’t be aghast! He simply wants to imitate the grown-ups. Be calm and never overreact. Blowing your top could show him that he can use swear words to get your attention immediately. Overreacting will create an ugly scene leading to an adverse impact on your child’s psyche.

2. Get acquainted

Does your child seem to be more irritable and grumpy these days? There’s got to be a reason behind his bad behavior. Your child using profanities is definitely a cause for worry. Try and gage what is troubling him. Children very often use swear words when they feel ignored and constricted at home.

3. Don’t be indulgent

The first step in checking your foul-mouthed kid is to avoid being indulgent. If you hear him use a bad word, correct him immediately. But, don’t be too harsh and sharp. Laughing it off as a ‘cute’ thing could only send him the wrong signals. He might start thinking, ‘I can swear all I want, it makes mommy laugh’.

4. Offer positive reinforcement

Giving your child a small incentive every time he stops himself from using a swear word can help a ton. In his eagerness to get a candy from his parents, he might make an earnest effort to not curse at all!

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