Top 5 Greek Islands

Top 5 Greek Islands

Love traveling? These magical islands in Greece ought to be on your travel wish list then. Soak in the sun at the beach or marvel at the architecture of ancient towns, relish the mouth-watering Greek cuisine or enjoy a thrilling nightlife. Greece’s islands have a little something to offer everyone. Here’s our pick of the top 5 must visit Greek Islands.

1. Santorini

This highly sought after island is picturesque, adventurous and serves the most delectable local food. It is famous for its spectacular sunsets, gorgeous landscapes and stunning architecture. You could choose to go fishing or swimming in the deep blue Aegean Sea or enjoy the buzzing nightlife at town Thira. Santorini consists of a series of white-washed houses atop an active volcano. The perfect island to begin your trip with, we’d say!

2. Crete

If you’re visiting Greece, you can’t possibly miss the largest and the most populous of the Greek islands, Crete. This island is a paradise for those who love adventurous activities such as hiking, trekking, swimming and horse riding. Crete also offers an old-world charm with its stunning historical monuments and archeological sites. Despite the hustle bustle, it has several quieter beaches where one can relax and unwind through the day.

3. Corfu

Of all the islands in Greece, this island is considered as one of the most diverse. It offers maximum variety in terms of tourist attractions. From its ethnic, historical sites and contemporary museums to its beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife, everything over here is worth a visit. Glyfada, is often heralded as this islands must visit beach. You can easily spot luxurious hotels, spacious apartments and several taverns at Corfu’s capital, Corfu Town.

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