8 Signs You Are Married to a Gay Man

Signs You Are Married to a Gay Man

Do you suspect that something is amiss in your marriage? Have you ever wondered that it could be because your husband is gay? Hard to believe? Well, look out for these signs to know if you are married to a gay man:

1. Your sex life is non existent

You can count the number of times you have sex in a year on your fingertips.

2. When your husband makes love to you, he seems ‘emotionally’ absent

He is there, but he really is not. That’s how it is like when he’s making love to you.

3. He seems ‘too sensitive’ at times

Though it’s not necessary that every gay would be sensitive and polite, but it’s often the case. That’s why the saying goes, ‘Every gentleman is either married or gay.’

4. He checks out ‘guys’

His eyes seem to stray, a lot towards guys. You can’t help but notice how your husband seems to check out hot guys rather than hot chicks.

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